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Ltd. "Hibiscus"

Leasing has a complex effect on the basic building blocks of the production process. We offer a wide range of services in lease financing, including financial and leaseback.

Phone: +7 (391) 263-61-37

Address: Krasnoyarsk, Mira, 109 (map)

Ltd leasing company "Delta"

We offer various services for lease financing, including financial and leaseback, leasing new and used equipment, leasing of transportation, manufacturing equipment.

Phone: +7 (391) 266-05-57

Address: Krasnoyarsk, ul. PEACE, 64 4th Floor (map)

Company "Krasnoyarsk leasing company"

Leasing is effective for the operational use of scientific and technological progress, increasing the level of activity, reducing unit costs and the intensification of the production process.

Phone: +7 (391) 266-09-06

Address: Krasnoyarsk, ul. Ada Lebedeva, 84 (map)

group of companies

The continuous growth of customer base, as well as dynamic growth in all key indicators of its work: the number, the volume of leasing transactions, receipt of lease payments, the number of clients accessing again.

Phone: +7 (391) 268-04-43

Address: Krasnoyarsk, ul. Dubrovinskii, 110 of.505 (map)

Ltd. "RESO-Leasing"

The company is actively growing, constantly expanding list of services offered and geographic scope of their work. Competitive financial environment, efficiency in decision-making.

Phone: +7 (391) 274-52-56

Address: Krasnoyarsk, St. Partizan Zheleznyaka, 46d (map)

Krasnoyarsk branch

An important competitive advantage

are competitive financial terms

efficiency in decision making,

flexibility and responsiveness to the wishes of the lessees.

Phone: +7 (391) 249-12-50

Address: Krasnoyarsk, ul. Vavilov, 2g (map)

Leasing Company Ltd. "UralSib"

The company offers special services to equipment vendors, alternative financing programs, programs for banks, investors, and additional services related to leasing

Phone: +7 (391) 266-09-05

Address: Krasnoyarsk, ul. ADA Lebedev, 84 (map)

National Bank of Khakassia

Providing services leaseback.

Phone: +7 (3902) 292111, 222665

Address: Resp.Hakasiya, Abakan, ul. : Soviet 26 (map)

Russian-German Leasing Company

JSC "RG Leasing" was founded in 1993. Shareholder is Sberbank of Russia. The Company offers cooperation in the following activities: leasing of vehicles and construction equipment, commercial, industrial

Phone: +7 (383) 3358867 (383) 3358868 (383) 3358866

Address: Kemerovo, Lenina, 48 (map)


Flexible scheme of calculation of payments, a wide range of leasing, paperwork deadlines and one of the lowest rates of appreciation - the company "Leasing of machinery and equipment" makes any technological innovations ma

Phone: +7 (3842) 34-55-97, 34-55-99

Address: Kemerovo, Ul. Karbolitovskaya 1 k215 (402) (map)


Unique offer - real estate lease for a term of 10 years or more.

Projects of any complexity (including under construction).

New opportunities for your business: offer to lease equipment, avtotranspo

Phone: +7 (3842) 39-09-98

Address: Kemerovo, Ul. October 50, 12a (108, 117) (map)


Our products and services:

- Cars and buses to lease

- NEW! Express equipment lease

- NEW! Rapid real estate leasing

- The financing of imports of

- The financing of equipment dealers

Phone: +7 (3842) 34-84-90

Address: Kemerovo, Ul. Ostrowski, 27 (map)


The first leasing company in Russia, founded in 1990. Included in the Leasing Group NOMOS BANK. Is a universal leasing company and provides services to the leasing of equipment, vehicles, real estate. As a result of 2007

Phone: +7 (3842) 34-88-63, 34-88-64

Address: Kemerovo, Ul. Shestakova 6 (map)

JSC "Tomskagrolizing"

Tomsk oblact - risk farming area, so these parts technique should be particularly strong and vynoclivoy, - said the chief engineer of the company "Tomskagrolizing" Sergei Kyznetsov.

Phone: +7 (3822) 65-88-20

Address: Tomsk, ul. Pushkin, 162 (map)

Ltd. "Promleasing"

Ltd. "Promleasing" - a company whose principal activity is to provide leasing services.

Its business as "Promleasing" carries on a licensed

Phone: +7 (3822) 47-25-82

Address: Tomsk, ul. 79th Guards Division, 24 (1st floor) (map)

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