Туры на комплекс Байконур

Туристическая компания "КУРС" приглашает посетить легендарный космодром Байконур. Окунуться в историю создания космодрома Байконур. Мы являемся туроператорам, который находиться на самом Байконуре и знаем о нем все.Details

Address: 468321, г. Байконур, ул. Осташева д. 6 кв. 44

WWW: route-tur.ru


We only work with trusted tour operators. Any form of payment. Tours of the loan. Loyalty Discounts!

Phone: +7 (39155) 3-08-42

Address: Nazarovo Street. Arbuzov, 87 (map)

Travel agency

Extra tours, travel agency. The advantage of working with a travel company is: we have many partners, so that we can offer a wide range of burning permits and tours to vacation in different countries.

Phone: +7 (39169) 4-25-31

Address: Zelenogorsk Street. Builders, 2B (map)

Travel agency

Traveler, a travel agency. For lovers of `hot` holiday in hot countries, travel agency offers vacation on the seas and oceans, the continents and islands.

Phone: +7 (39169) 3-50-00

Address: Zelenogorsk Street. Mira, 17, of. 8 (map)

Travel agency

Krasintur, travel company. A modern bus fleet consists of cars travel company the most reliable European manufacturers.

Phone: +7 (39169) 2-44-03

Address: Zelenogorsk Street. Factory, 4 (AP Youth) (map)

Travel agency

Travel agency "Light." Permits to rest at low prices.

Phone: 8 (39197) 4-64-44

Address: 8 (39197) 4-64-44 (map)

Travel agency

Travel agency "Globus". Hot tours at low prices.

Phone: 8 (39197) 4-10-46

Address: 8 (39197) 4-10-46 (map)


Travel company. Holidays in Russia and abroad! Tours of the loan.

Phone: +7 (39151) 56-700

Address: Achinsk, st. An estate, etc. 30A, 2nd Floor (map)


Travel anywhere in the world. Sightseeing tours to Russian cities. Individual, group, corporate services.

Phone: +7 (3919) 34-98-30, 34-93-25

Address: Norilsk, st. Talnakh, 50 (map)

Satellite - H

Tours in Russia and abroad. Cruises, spa and wellness tours.

Phone: +7 (3919) 462624, 462623

Address: Norilsk, ETC. LENIN, 17 (map)


outbound tourism in any country in the world, drawing air and rail / train tickets, study abroad, loans to rest.

Phone: +7 (3919) 425014, 425015

Address: Norilsk, STR. KOMSOMOLSKAYA, 12 (map)


Tourism programs immigpatsii, pabote for pybezhom, youth programs and Operate ychebe for rubezhom, Au-pair, opening businesses abroad, overseas property and other services.

Phone: +7 (3919) 225310, 222836

Address: Norilsk, STR. Ordzhonikidze, 1 (map)

Last minute

Travel agency. Travel Agencies

Phone: +7 (3919) 227220, 321221

Address: Norilsk, ETC. LENIN, 39B kv.21 (map)


Travel agency, offers tours for leisure, sightseeing tours, youth tourism,

Thailand, China, Japan, Egypt,

Turkey-Antalya, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, France, Coach tours in Europe

Phone: +7 (391) 211-07-27

Address: Krasnoyarsk, ul. Lenin, 118 (map)

"The treatment and rest"

Travel Agency, "Treatment and Recreation"

Spa treatment AND RECREATION - Irkutsk region, Buryatia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khakassia, Altai region, the Black Sea coast, the Leningrad and Moscow region, Ukraine

Phone: +7 (391) 232-93-40

Address: Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk, etc. working 59 of.209 (map)

Travel company "Discovery"

All routes of Russia! Rostov, Astrakhan, Solovki, Perm, Ufa, St. Petersburg

Phone: +7 (391) 26-61-551

Address: Krasnoyarsk, ul. Lenin, 118 (map)

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